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Script: SAD HENRY | EP. 3: The Beer


Episode 3: The Beer

Daytime. Henry sits in his room listening to music (“Staring At The Ceiling” by Slow Children) and staring at the ceiling, looking completely and utterly bored.

Henry: What a sad day. None of my friends are around, nothing good is on TV…I wish there was something fun to do!

The bedroom door opens and a man with wild hair and a Cosby sweater jumps in.

Guy: Now there is! It’s always fun time when you’ve got a bottle of Scudweiser!

The man holds out a beer bottle, and Henry reluctantly takes it, turning it over in his hands to look at it.

Henry: Who are you?

Guy: The name’s Guy. Take a swig, you rascal! Enjoy the great Scudweiser taste!

Henry: Well, I’m underage, but it’s not like one sip will kill me…

Henry reluctantly takes a drink. Suddenly he loses his balance and falls on the ground.

Guy: It’s the only beer that gets you drunk from only one gulp! It’s 200 proof!

Henry: What have you done to me?

Guy: You’re experiencing the wonderful euphoria brought on by the Scudweiser!

View from Henry’s eyes: The room swirls, and the colors are bright and vibrant. Everything seems to be moving.

“Mingled And Tangled” by Kas Product plays.

Guy dances his way out of the room.

Henry: I don’t feel so good!

We are shown a series of twisted, warped scenes of various sorts set to the music, much like a drug trip. Inanimate objects move, clay figures dance, and Henry sees himself quoting Edgar Allen Poe and holding a candlestick and skull.

CUT TO: Henry hobbling down an alley between the houses, propping himself up on a fence. He stops and vomits blood, before continuing to walk off-screen.

Henry is seen stumbling down a pathway surrounded by trees. Suddenly, Guy the Scudweiser Man pops out and holds up a bottle.

Guy: Time for another drink, Henry. Come on, one more won’t hurt you.

Henry: I don’t think so, Guy. I’m not feeling too well right now.

Guy: The first drink will mess you up, the second one will calm you. You become immune to it, until you no longer feel a thing. Try another drink, Henry.

Guy stares daggers at Henry, holding the bottle right up to his face. Henry looks very sick, but reluctantly takes the bottle and drinks again.

This time, the camera holds on him in a suspenseful manner. However, he seems to perk up, and return to normal.

Henry: I feel better, I guess. What’s in this stuff anyway?

Guy: It’s a secret ingredient. It only gets better the more you try it.

Henry: Something’s not right with this stuff. Now I feel just fine, like nothing ever happened.

Guy: Try some more, lad! Third time will cheer you up!

Henry: I don’t know if I should. I don’t even know you and already I’ve had two drinks of this strange stuff. How do I know the third drink won’t kill me?

Guy: It won’t, I promise. Just try some, try some, if you dare.

Henry: Wait a minute…If I dare? What’s that supposed to mean? (Pause) You’re making me uneasy with all that riddle-talk and double-meanings.

Guy: (Not listening to Henry) Try some! Just open your mouth. Say “Aah!”

Henry: I’m not opening my mouth. I’ve had enough of that creepy demon beer. I mean, it makes you really drunk, and then you’re sober again…it’s too weird, man.

Guy pauses for a really long time, letting out a long breath. Then he sticks the bottle in Henry’s mouth and pours some down his throat.

Henry: What the hell, man! I said I didn’t want any! (Pauses) Hey, I suddenly feel great! What happened? Why do I feel so happy? What did you do to it?

Guy: Third time will cheer you up!

Henry: Alright, I really feel great. So, this is pretty…great! It’s great. So great. Do you know how great I feel?

Guy: Let’s go over there! (Pointing)

CUT TO: A parking lot.

Henry: Now give me more! I want to feel happier!

Guy: As you wish. (Hands Henry the bottle)

Henry takes the bottle and drinks from it. Suddenly, he grasps his eyes and falls to the ground.

Guy: The fourth time will make you blind!

Henry: Ah! What have you done? You got me hooked! You’re to blame for this! It’s all your fault!

Guy: Have fun being blind. I’ve got to go stare at some rocks with my eyes that still work.

Guy cartwheels away, as Henry writhes in pain, holding his eyes.

The camera fades as we see Guy skipping off into the distance.

The End.


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