I was born in 1992 to an actor father and mother who worked in theater designing costumes. I grew up with an intense love of all things creative and expressive and was exposed to such incredible culture in my upbringing. That being said, i've always just as well been a bit out of step with the world. feeling much like an outsider  - the arts have been my lifevest in navigating the waters of life and keeping me afloat.

So i created this website as a means to put all my nonsense and outsider kookiness into one space.

i identify as gender non-binary / genderfluid and don't ever really feel like one gender or another fully, but perhaps a combination of both that may teeter to one side or the other day to day. i tend to appear androgynous and i view my outward aesthetic as an important part of who i am - a reflection of what's inside. beyond mental illness and the arts as i have mentioned - i am very passionate about teaching and inspiring and helping others, championing LGBTQ & women's rights , disability rights and freedoms, body positivity, and self-expression in all ways that do not hurt another human being.  I think it's important to be true to oneself and to be loving and honest with oneself - and that echoes in the act of creating authentic works rather than attempting to fit into a mold.

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I grew up in Oak Park, Illinois in the 90s. I was an imaginative kid with a very strange way of looking at things. My parents introduced me to films at an early age and my creativity was awakened! From drawing to long hours of acting out stories with my little brother and sister, I was always looking to create or transform the reality around me.

I always, as well, had an oddball and surreal flavor to what I did. In preschool when instructed to contribute a recipe for our class cookbook, I offered my entry "SOAP TO EAT" - dictated to my teacher who transcribed - which involved finding a "boy with no skin and no hair" and having Frankenstein scare him as one of the steps to make said recipe.

When I got older, perhaps 2nd Grade, I already knew I wanted to create in all artforms. Be it drawing or making films or performing or writing - any way in which I could share my crazy ideas I chased after!



At age 8 I used my allowance money I had saved up and purchased (with the help of my parents) a Sony HANDYCAM Hi8mm camcorder and began shooting anything and everything occurring around me. 

As I got older and older, my knowledge and skill improved as did the tools I had available to tell my stories. Through it all I was figuring out my visual style in regards to traditional art including paintings and collage and fostering an intense and unquenchable love and appreciation for a broad spectrum of music from beyond my own time. I knew that all of these respective artforms were as equally important and in very different ways a necessary part of my being!

As I came to terms with mental illness - film, music & artwork remained as a major therapy tool and the driving force towards my insistence on being sound of mind. I attribute the ages of 8-13 as being instrumental in shaping my early personality traits and inspiration towards in the arts - where I became more and more sure of my own voice.

Left: Age 8 / Circa 2000
Below: Age 13. Early Youtube Era.