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Pandemic came and went and everyone's back on their old bullshit again, no lessons learned and very little changed... no real societal shift towards compassion - if anything a greater desperation and push towards deceitful, desperate money-making strategies and lowballing each other whilst generally acting like morons. I'm sadly wondering how much shit needs to hit the fan before the collective actually wakes up and pays attention to one another... what will it take to get people to see and hear each other and truly be there for one another?

I feel like I've been genuinely dismayed and bitter towards the world at large more than ever lately with the passing of my friend after already having felt super boxed-out from society and quite alone. To look out into the world from my place of alienation is to see this big mass of dysfunction and feel powerless and hopeless to do a thing about it. I try to return to creative passions without the intention of them striking success but instead I try to choose activities that inspire a sense of fun, as I believe FUN to be fundamental (pardon the word pun) to human happiness and levity. I turned to the creative fields not just as an escape but because they were some of my earliest obsessions. I have always wished to have the power to create and attract great joy and fun. And the world often does not look like a joyful or fun place. It's really did a number on my overall mood and faith towards fellow humans...

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