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When We Make Our Personal Growth Our Priority! (5-14-19)

IT seems we exist within a society that forces the rather unhealthy belief that in order to live you need to work at it, you need to grin and bare it and go full force and put the pedal to the metal.. this notion that one who doesn't sacrifice their time working can't reap life's rewards. But I feel the opposite is the preferred path, and it is more vital to focus on your inner growth and ensure you are taking care of and paying mind to your wants and needs before you waste energy pushing products on a sale's floor. Life is about joy and love and growing and expansion. You aren't going to grow and expand so much if your life becomes about putting yourself in the background to serve a machine to earn a piece of paper you feel will eventually lead to your freedom. Explore that freedom now, instead. Live less to explore more within. Take the time - a precious human construct we unfortunately experience as a 3rd density reality that confines our actions into box - to look within and see if you can discover or uncover maybe something within you that needs addressing, healing, revisiting, or even a joy or talent you may have overlooked. When you sacrifice your wellbeing and prioritize work - which is really just a means to the ends, which I suppose for most people is the idea of freedom or joy or comfort - you are making it harder for yourself to allow in that natural abundant joy and you are depriving your body of the attention and the love it needs.

As a filmmaker and creative mind in general I still battle with this and it is something I work on all the time - Finding that balance. Maybe for a while I will put off all of my creative passions and focus only within and focus only on healing myself, working on life issues and adapting and taking steps to move forward spiritually and physically with my life. Other times in the past I have focused far too much time solely on my creative work, existing in a zombie state that knew only frustration and feelings of being less than which fueled my need to prove myself by churning out art and music and film at every corner to the detriment of my health - both mentally and physically.

Like all of life, the key is balance and finding that personal balance so that all needs are allowed the attention they deserve. And that is no easy task, but it is vital. Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived and I find it is best to not put too much focus in one place because you may miss something of greater importance.

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