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When I Think Of Who I Am When Nobody Is Around...(5-14-19)

Updated: May 25, 2019

I am a person who hears a song through my headphones and proceeds to walk around in public miming an dancing up and down the street as if I am in the music video and I just assume everyone around me can also hear what I am listening. I don't rationalize it, I just do it to amuse myself and make myself laugh because it's just purely silly and fun. I am a person who thinks up whimsical ideas and silently crack myself up. I am a person who, when I am not thinking about negative things people have told me I am or am not, has a great knowing and ability to gain insight and perspective pretty damn quick and accumulate knowledge that I can integrate into my greater understanding. I possess a natural intelligence and innate curiosity and intrigue regarding all of the untapped wonders I have yet to uncover out there in the world. I am a person who really honestly is not ashamed to make an ass of myself or make myself incredibly vulnerable because I actually like experiences like that which are so beyond what I am used to accepting as normal circumstances. I am a person who's beliefs I will gladly change as I explore and dissect them further or integrate with a differing set of beliefs that serve me more or resonate more with my true self. I am a person who longs to make the child inside me proud and who longs to teach and inspire children down the line through creativity and laughter. I am a person who truly just loves to talk to and learn about different people and their interests, and I am just so excited to share my passions and my knowledge with other people, agenda-free and not needing anything in return, only because the things I share are so amusing and delightful to me. I am someone who feels more confident and capable than maybe outwardly or socially I feel I deserve to be. I am a person who for too long, doubted I had a right to feel proud of or even content with the way I am because someone or other said I had this flaw or that flaw, and I got it in my head that I was a broken person. I am someone who is deserving of love and laughter and I need to ensure I am showing myself that love and that laughter first before I can expect to share that same love mutually with another person to the fullest.

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