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(This is a re-share of a post from a while ago I made on my Facebook...)

*I don't need space. I prefer to be social. Talk to me.

*I'm not an introvert, I'm just insecure and don't have any friends to hang out with most of the time. I want that to change.

*I don't care about my career or building a network in a business-sense as much as I care about just making friends and enjoying life in general.

*I don't care that much about monetizing things if it means feeling I need to compete with others and "jump on trends" to market myself. That's lame and try-hard and de-motivates me from even wanting to pursue my own passions...

*I don't care about business that much... if something isn't personally enjoyable or rewarding for me, I won't do it.

*Love and appreciation is an immeasurably valuable thing to me.

*INTEGRITY means figuring out my core values and beliefs and abiding by them, embodying them and living by them. Nobody outside of me can decide what integrity looks like because it's a subjective thing. *The idea of RIGHT and WRONG is also entirely subjective and dependent on the individual's reality/perspective and relationship to their own moral compass.

*Nobody owes anything to society - we're born into it without consent and often it's the system itself creating the issues that keep us burdened and oppressed and stuck in lower vibrations where we feel disempowered and "not good enough". We exist and ought to be able to make of this experience whatever we desire. *Humanity's salvation won't come from a religious belief or a technological advancement, but will come from us helping each other out as vulnerable fellow humans rather than helping "a system" or "a business". *If you have to hide parts of yourself to keep up with the Jones's, screw them. Find a circle who will appreciate the un-masked, unfiltered version of you. Take the leap.

*You CAN dress/look however you want, but you have to risk the fact that morons out there with single-point IQ's will gawk at you. Feel sorry for them - they're narrow-minded fools.

*You can do nice things for people without having to boast about it. Lots of people like to exhibit "performative altruism" to make themselves look good in front of people on social media, but they're nasty to people in their daily lives behind the scenes.

*If you're not being open and honest with others, you're only fueling the continued "societal masking" that has us all convinced we're alone in our struggles - we believe everyone else is doing better than us because they're also hiding behind a mask. If we're to collectively heal, we need to get real (with each other and ourselves).


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