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Responsibility... (5-16-19)

Updated: May 25, 2019

Life is wonderful and the tools and the opportunities are everywhere. And I don't feel like I'm disinterested in the things I truly desire to have in my life, or where I choose to focus when it comes to my goals and purpose. I do not kid myself when it comes to what makes me heart sing. And I do not fail to see how beautiful and fun and exciting life is. But I do take full responsibility for a complete lack of discipline and control of my feelings and where I place focus day to day in regards to some lesser vibrational mental patterns. I recognize day after day how easily my silly ego mind can convince me of an idea I do not resonate with even when the opposite has been proven to be true and even when my greater self knows that negative or limiting belief is indeed not the truth nor something I need to focus on. And I believe that changing the chattering mental routines to a healthy routine I can stick to - such as a daily morning ritual including blocks of time for meditation, shower, excersize, i.e. and allow healthy practices and healthy new philosophies to become the new norm I can avoid allowing the negative self-bully thoughts from revving my momentum up in that direction to begin with.

That negative chatter and low-vibrational whining is not good for my energy and were it not enough that my physical body showed me this, it's certainly a huge indication when I see sign after sign from the universe telling me the same. I have allowed for too long that B.S. defeatist assuming chatter to slip its way into my conscious mind and was foolish enough to let it run my show. And now in my motivated quest to really take my life into my own hands and become my best, greatest, brightest and shiniest self... I realize the importance now of a bit of coaching and direction so that I may not overwhelm myself but can also implement a reasonable enough amount of order to then get myself to a place of peaceful and positive vibration and from there let ideas and action take place. Nobody - not even myself - wants scatterbrained Mykee running around making trillions of decisions at once without much focus. A balance allowing room for spontaneity and exploration is what I am aiming for.

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