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GRATITUDE (6-18-19)

* Noticing and changing bad behavioral patterns and thoughts for the better

*Adapting and growing and accepting changes with humility

*Caring less what others think and more what I think

*Being kind to myself - allowing myself the time and space to heal, grow, progress

*Being okay with making mistakes or feeling weak or upset - not pressuring myself to feel anything

*I am grateful for the group home and the help I get to become the person I want to be

*I am grateful for nice weather and sun

*I am grateful for the abundant opportunities starting to fall into line for me

*I am grateful for the love I receive and the moments I tap into my own heart

*I am grateful when I get to share my joys and my gifts with others

*I love my turntable, record collection, my bass guitar, my synth, my laptop, my amazing cinema camera, my skills and my willingness to create and improve upon my gifts and bring joy into my life through said creations.

*I am grateful for herbal remedies such as CBD hemp to help aid in my being present, happy, grateful, and euphoric in times of stress and upset.

*I am grateful for doctors and therapists and life coaches and attentive family to help guide me and ensure I am working at my best and feeling my best.

*I am grateful for new friends, new social experiences, new group projects, new ways to share with others in a meaningful way.

*I am grateful for my body, my face, my hair, and the ability to change those things and become healthier and stronger. I am grateful for feeling confident in what I see in myself physically, and allowing my physical self to reflect the joy and the beauty within as I cultivate it.

*I am grateful for the opportunity to access internet, blog, upload videos, share music to stream, sell things online, purchase things online, communicate with others remotely. I use these tools daily and do not take them for granted.

*I am grateful for everything I have experienced and every decision I have made that got me to this very moment right now, as it has helped provide contrast from which to draw better, more preferable conditions and experiences. Feeling my lowest in the past has made me more prone to grasp at feelings of happiness and joy now.

*I am grateful for access to healthy, vegan foods I love to eat.

*I am grateful for biking and public transportation to help me get around to where I need to go swiftly and safely despite not driving myself.

*I am grateful for the positive changes being made in society as we move towards a more inclusive, fair and loving way of life.

*I am grateful for the arts as a means of expression, inspiration and motivation. I love to observe art and create art as often as possible.

*I am grateful for surprises, new things to observe, new things to learn, new sensations that please me.

*I am grateful for my little dog Charlotte, who is the cutest, most lovable creature I have ever known. She exudes endless love and I love her with all my heart.

*I am grateful for repairing relationships

*I am grateful for the financial help that I get - I am very blessed.

*I am grateful for my insurance that covers my treatment and care.

*I am grateful for binaural beats, guided meditations and instructional self-help videos.

*I am grateful for easy access to health supplements and healthy coping strategies.

*I am grateful for my ever-improving quality of life, my improving mood, and my improving sense of self empowerment.

*I am grateful for my natural charm and kind nature that is showing itself more and more as I work on myself.

*I am grateful for others allowing me the space and time to work and grow at a pace that works for me, and encouraging me to push myself.

*I am grateful for time to myself where I can truly explore the positive aspects of who I am.

*I am grateful for my childlike nature, my silly and giddy attitude, my youthful spirit that feels both new and wise beyond my years.

*I am grateful for moments of peace, serenity, and freedom from worries or self-pressure.

*I am grateful for swift, productive and exciting new days.

*Protein powders and vegan protein bars.


*My colorful awesome clothing - looking good and feeling good.

*Taking walks outside.

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