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Accurate ADHD Meme

It's a wonder I have the body of work I have given how my brain often works... I've felt unable to see a single thing through in months. My best friend dies right as we'd been picking up steam as a two-piece band version of MOONBEAR STARTIGER and I've been sorta "in the middle" of some projects and hobbies. Energetically feeling like I wanna "take things in" and rest rather than be productive - my brain seems to wanna create and focus on its own time. I just work with my brain...

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I COULD be a villain, and I certainly think some folks have insinuated that I am to be villainized for one reason or another (maybe to justify their own biases regarding what they THINK I am based on

I've not felt very motivated lately to do much of anything that doesn't feel immediately rewarding. I'm in a weird state of unrest, there are so many things on the priority list that feel unreachable

"It's May! Can you believe it???" - newscasters. Actually, I can. Because here in Illinois it's felt like winter forever, but I'm hopeful things will get moving into a better direction soon. Here are

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